The Symmetry Group is visual brand. Dedicated to innovation, addicted to technology and obsessed with aesthetic details, the Symmetry Group is made up of visual artists, scientists, mathematicians, projectionists, lighting engineers, makers and hackers, pushing the boundaries of visual reality. Since forming in late 2012, the Symmetry Group has gone on to produce stages for Luminosity 2013 and Sequential Circus 2013, and won honorarium artist grants for BassCoast 2013 and Symbiosis Festival 2013.  

Lead Artists

Adam Barlev and Peter Booth

Adam and Peter come from very different backgrounds; Adam is a published scientist, Peter a welder. What unites them is their love of geometry, skill in fabrication and drive to share their ideas with the world. Both were drawn to create sculptures which express the mathematical nature of the universe in visual form. Through their sculptures, they aim to share the inherent beauty of complex geometric shapes.

Adam Barlev is a multidisciplinary artist born in San Francisco. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia, but produces art primarily in the medium of polymers, (plastics) and light (LEDs and projections). At a young age, an art teacher lent Adam a book on geometric origami. This sparked a lifelong obsession with the exquisite shapes that can be made by transforming nothing but paper. While much of his training is in the physical sciences, Adam also dedicates himself to the mystical pursuit of Mathematics.  His artistic style seeks to bridge the gulf between mathematics and the arts, between the mental world of the ideal and the infinite complexity of nature.

Peter Booth is a Vancouver-based artist who explores the realms of geometric shapes through sculpture. The foundation and inspiration for most of his art comes from sacred geometry and the golden ratio. His work has evolved through a variety of mediums, including metal, wood, fabric and plastics . From childhood he developed a fascination of building card castles, block structures and puzzles. In high school he was introduced to metal work, which inspired him to become a welder by trade. In 2009 he studied the metal arts program at KSA in Nelson, BC, where he learned casting and blacksmithing. Since then he has created many geometric shapes out of metal. His sculptures have been installations and decorations at electronic music festivals in Canada and in the U.S. They have also been featured on display at art shows, and local events in Vancouver.