The Symmetry Group has been lucky to meet and work with many very talented artists and event organizers. It is always inspiring to see what creative work is being done in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.  Check out some of our colleagues' sites and their projects and festivals.

 The Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary exploration in magic, mystery and wonder.  It is a home for artwork, theatre, storytelling and education devoted to exploring the harmonious proportions of of our world – in shape, sound, and story. 

Transportals' “Portal” sculptures are interactive environments for personal transformation that have been created for the Burning Man festivals since 2004. They utilize sacred geometry, color and sound to harmonize ones multidimensional vibrational energy body with the Earth’s and Galaxy’s for participants to experience an evolution of consciousness.

Hfour is a multi-sensory design studio that specializes in creating immersive, emotional brand experiences.  They use video projections, lighting, sound and special effects to bring public spaces, architecture, and natural features to life in ways that encourage audience interaction and elicit delight.

Vancouver Hack Space provides a physical space where people can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and beer.  At VHS members work on personal projects, collaborate with others, and learn new skills.  More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Kelseys Creations now travels far and wide transforming people and spaces and events into the most ruffled sparkly confections of glee and mirth we ever couldn’t quite imagine.

Symbiosis intends to facilitate peak experiences through a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an unparalleled extravaganza of fun beneath the starry skies.Founded on strong principles of environmental consciousness and ecological sustainability, each event has continued to advance this vision through the implementation of both time-tested and innovative eco-action initiatives. 

Bass Coast’s primary vision is to contribute to the West Coast electronic arts community, by building a festival with international recognition. We are very proud to be west-coaster’s with the name BASS COAST; having the initials of the land and environment we are deeply connected to. The love of electronic music, community, and creative innovation in all forms, is at the core of the experience we are passionate about providing.

Nestled deep within the enchanted rainforest of B.C.'s mossy west coast islands, a mystical gathering of visual artists, sonic architects, dancers, and visionaries manifests into being. Luminosity brings to the Canadian west coast the most cutting edge sonic vibrations in psychedelic mid and down tempo, visionary aesthetics, conscious learning, and much more. They strive to create a synesthesiac environment showcasing original content, cultivating genuine creativity ; conducive to transformative experiences, radical self expression, and community bonding.

Tryptonmedia consists of two main artists, Grady and Roslin, whom are passionate and dedicated to visually exploring fractals without the use of computers. Over the past decade they have been bringing psychedelic light to dancefloors all over British Columbia.