Peter Booth's Art

This pyramid was designed by Ari Lazer, Tom Kaszmarski, John Richardson and Peter Booth. The 40' pyramid was built to the proportions of the pyramid of Giza. Peter welded all the connectors for the pyramid at The Vancouver CoLab. It was built for the Synesthesia Camp at Burning Man 2012. It was also set up at Entheos 2012, Illuminares Lantern Festival 2012, Bass Coast 2012, and Bass Coast 2013.

This 64 Tetrahedron, inspired by Nassim Haramein, was fabricated and welded by Peter Booth in the spring of 2012. It was on displayed at Entheos 2012, Loki 2012, Bass Coast 2012.

A stellated dodecahedron within a stellated dodecahedron within a truncated stellated dodecahedron that Peter Booth and Trent K.S. made at Kootenay School of the Arts in the spring of 2010. We brought it to numerous festivals including Inshala 2010, Soundwave Music Festival 2010, Bass Coast 2010, Shambhala 2010, Bass Coast 2011, Shambhala 2011 and for awhile it lived at Submerged Studios in Vancouver B.C.

This is a stage that Peter helped build for the Synesthesia Camp at Burning Man 2012. This 25' diameter stage is all the platonic solids nestled with in each other made from 2x4"s. 

Here are some castings Peter did at Kootenay School of the Arts in 2010. The flower of life discs and the Platonic Solid Mirror Frame are aluminum sand casted, and the belt buckles were lost wax bronze casted.

Adam Barlev's Art

A collection of Origami that Adam has made over the years.

This Oval tessellation was created from one sheet of coroplast and set up at Burning Man in 2011.